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“Eagle Eye Mining Company Ltd” is a licensed and award-winning company that deals with the exportation of gold, diamonds, among other minerals. Its aim is to be the number one recognized exporter of gold and diamonds from Ghana.




Learn More About Eagle Eye Mining Company Ltd Project, Located in Ghana.

Eagle Eye Mining Co. Ltd presents an exciting new Ghana project. We’re committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices, creating value for stakeholders. Our knowledgeable and experienced team brings innovation to the industry. Thank you for considering us for investment choices!

Why Choose us?

We are experienced gold industry professionals who understands market trends and the various methods of mining, refining, and processing gold. We offer customized investment solutions for individuals and businesses looking to invest in gold. With our guidance, you can confidently buy, sell, or store gold and achieve your financial goals.

Short Message From The C.E.O of Eagle Eye Mining Limited

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Creating a Subsidiary Business with Clients and Stakeholders to uphold a good name

Our Mission

Our mission is to be counted among top Gold Export business in Africa and also generate valuable service to our Stakeholders.

Our Goals

True success is all about hardworking and setting a goals for a target audience. We believe in our mission.