Stone Quarry Projects 2023

For the past last 10years, stone Quarry has been dominant in the industry sector.

The stone quarry industry has long been a vital source of income for the local community in Africa but its impact on public health and environment has been devastating. But things are changing for good.

The stone quarry association extended in under the Ceo of Eagle eye mining company who have acquired another big of land to start up a new face of stone Quarry and help build strong investment in the projects.

Believe stone quarry workers have been in the profession for generations. In other circumstances stone Quarry is has also been beneficial to most community In Africa (Ghana)in terms of construction, Building,and Roads etc.

These would also help creating more employment for many people especially the youth who are not educated enough to work in the private or government sector.

One important thing the Chief executive Officer (CEO)

head at a quarry unit, underlines the significance of safety protocols looking at the projects advices all stake holders to enforce employees “Workers to be provided with safety helmets,etc to make smooth production.

After several engagement with the media some of the staff, explained the inside and when all production would tenure up.

Operation manager, gave message at when they would be done clearing all the path to secure all the space and get the job done in no time.

However ,Mr Felix Oduro who is a also Sales personal at eagle eye mining Company speaks to the media that There’s huge demand for the work to be done, to extract the stones, which he is waiting patiently for the machines and tools to arrive to begin operation.

*Watch video and Images below*

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